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Assisted Reproductive Technologies show both public and private diverse practices within and between Member States. These disparities are notably enhanced by the fact that a significant number of countries seek to have a dedicated and trained Competent Authority or a Delegated Body such as a medical organization, providing expertise, controlling information to be provided to donors and beneficiaries, ensuring that practices are following quality and safety criteria for donors and beneficiaries (selection, consent, access to fertility preservation, registries, vigilance system etc.).

Photos referring to different ART processes (Photos Benoit Rajau for the Agence de la biomédecine).

ARTHIQS will therefore provide: i) institutional guidelines for those key aspects and regulation in Assisted Reproductive Technologies, ii) Assisted Reproductive Technologies -specific knowledge in each Member State and so providing support to the setting or the strengthening of more specific national organisations, and iii) the specific information and training to Assisted Reproductive Technologies centre inspectors.

Photos of ART facilties (Photos Benoit Rajau for the Agence de la biomédecine).

The main outcome should be the existence in all Member States, at the governmental level, of a sustainable structure: Competent Authority (or part of it)/ delegated body with a sufficient knowledge on Assisted Reproductive Technologies issues arose both by the European regulation (EUTCD, cross-border Directive) and by internal national regulation.

At a time when Assisted Reproductive Technologies demand is increasing due to societal and environmental changes, both donors and beneficiaries shall have a better access to information; additionally, the guidance provided shall impact on Assisted Reproductive Technologies care and increase and quality and safety levels throughout the European Union.

The European Commission (DG SANCO) should as well in turn benefit from best-informed advice and opinion from each Member State for any consultation or political decision to be taken in this field.



Candide FONT-SALA, ARTHIQS Coordinator, Agence de la biomédecine


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