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Project organisation

ARTHIQS structure and organisation follows the standards of projects and Joint Actions co-funded by the European Commission: three horizontal work packages (Coordination, Dissemination and Evaluation) and technical work packages dealing with the more specific medical and scientific activities.

WP 1 WP 2 WP 3 WP 5

ARTHIQS work and responsibilities are divided in sections designated as work packages (WPs), the horizontal WPs are: WP1 Coordination (France: Agence de la biomédecine, delegated body for Assisted Reproductive Technologies and Haematopoietic Stem Cells), WP2 Dissemination (led by Czech Republic: SUKL, Competent Authority) and WP3 Evaluation (led by Sweden: IVO- The Health and Social Care Inspectorate, Competent Authority).There are two technical WPs :  WP4 dealing with Assisted Reproductive Technologies and led by France (Agence de la biomédecine) and WP5 on Haematopoietic Stem Cells for Transplantation co-led  by the Competent Authority of Croatia - The Ministry of Health and Italy - ISS Centro Nationale di Trapianti  (public technical and scientific body).

Agence de la biomédecine

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