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Executive Agency for transplantation (BG)

Executive Agency for transplantation (BEAT) is a corporate body at budget support. The activity, the structure and organisation of the work of the Executive Agency for transplantation shall be determined by a structural regulation, adopted by the Council of Ministers at the proposal of the Minister of Health.

The Agency proposes to the Minister of Health medical standards for transplantation of organs, tissues and cells, as well as medical criteria for a choice of donors and recipients. Creates and maintain a public and official register, gathering, storing and submitting information related to the transplantation and coordinates the import and export of organs, tissues and cells. The Agency issues the permissions and certificates, specified in this Law, the Law on the Health and the Law on the Medical Establishments, regarding the activities on transplantation and assisted reproduction and informs the public about the transplantation processes for the purpose of guaranteeing transparency and equal access of all persons in need. The Agency is responsible for control the activities related to removal, insertion, expertise, treatment and labelling and preserving human ovum, sperm and zygotes, intended for assisted reproduction, and provide opportunity for donor-to-recipient tracing thereof and of the materials and products coming in contact with them.

The Agency was created according to Art. 11. (1) from LAW OF THE TRANSPLANTATION OF ORGANS, TISSUES AND CELLS, in Force from 01.01.2004. For more information you can see or website of the Agency

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