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Hellenic Transplant Organization (GR)

Hellenic Transplant Organization (EOM) is a body supervised and funded by the Greek Ministry of Health. EOM was funded in 1999 and has been recently (June 2011) reinforced by a new law on organ donation and transplantation (law 3984/2011). The core competence of EOM is to promote, raise, coordinate and control organs and cells donation and transplantation. EOM consults the Ministry of Health to legislate over donation and transplantation issues. Also EOM embodies the national central coordination department and is responsible for the national and supra-national coordination and allocation of organs, cooperating directly with the ICUs and the Transplant Clinics and the Transplant Organizations and Transplant Centers of European Countries. EOM is yearly assessing the function and the outcomes of the Greek Transplant Centers and Transplant Coordinators and is publishing relevant reports.

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