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Ministry of Health of Cyprus

The vision of the Ministry of Health of Cyprus is to the provision of high quality services to all citizens throughout their life. Its mission is to ensure that through a patient centred health care system illness prevention is promoted via public awareness, professionalism and respect to patients’ rights, and that health care is equally available to all citizens. Under the Ministry are the Medical and Public Health Services, the Pharmaceutical Services as well as the Nursing Services. Other departments are the hygiene inspectorate, the hospital services inspectorate. Also it acts as the Competent Authority for organs, tissues, cells, blood and medical devices Ministry officials also participate in the newly founded Council for Medically Assisted Reproduction and the Ministry’s inspectors regulate in collaboration with the council this area too. Organ donation is promoted through the Council for Organ Donation, in which also the Ministry of Health participates. The Ministry actively encourages public awareness campaigns for stem cell and tissue donation.

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