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Ministry of Health of Republic of Croatia

Ministry of Health of Republic of Croatia was established 1990 by the government of the Republic of Croatia as state administration body.

The mission of the Ministry of Health is the preservation and improvement of health of Croatian citizens, including the protection of public health interests, early recognition of risks from illness, illness prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of patients.

Ministry of Health is the competent authority for blood, tissues and cells, assisted reproductive technologies and organs.

Inside Ministry of Health operates Directorate for Health Protection who performs expert and administrative tasks concerning the implementation of legislation and other regulations in the field of healthcare and health insurance.

One of the units of the Directorate is Service for Inspection of Blood, Tissues and Cells, established in September 2009. Main tasks of Service is inspection, administrative and professional supervision of the implementation of acts and other regulations and professional work of health institutions, health care workers and private health workers in the field of its jurisdiction. Inspectors regularly participate in international professional conferences and other forms of education and inspectors training (CATIE, EUSTITE, EUBIS, PIC/s).

Institute for Transplantation and Biomedicine is another Ministry's organizational unit which is responsible for substances of human origin. Institute is responsible for coordination and implementation of National transplant program, monitors and improves National transplant network and from 2007 participate in the exchange of organs through Eurotransplant. Inspection and Institute closely and intensively collaborate in all activities in the field of blood, blood products, tissues and cells, assisted reproductive technologies and organs for transplantation.

Both organizational units participate, prepare and implement national and international projects and working groups from the field of blood, tissues and cells and organs.

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