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WP2: Dissemination

Leaders of this work package shall ensure that ARTHIQS results and deliverables are known and made available to all stakeholders. This section of ARTHIQS involves all     associated and collaborating partners. Each partner will nationally be responsible for dissemination of the Joint Action outcomes

On the top of supervising the development and setting of the website, the WP leader, in coordination with all partners, will develop 1) a stakeholder analysis identifying all dissemination targets in every MS and the best ways to reach them; 2) a dissemination plan to inform and communicate about ARTHIQS through the project duration and beyond; targets will be stratified depending on their informative needs and on the most appropriate dissemination.  Final stakeholder analysis and dissemination plan will be submitted to the partners for approval. Additionally, a document will be circulated every year among partners to identify international and national congresses and meetings foreseen within the year to communicate on ARTHIQS, as well as actions already conducted.

WP2 will ensure that all works issued by ARTHIQS reach not only target groups, but also any stakeholder of the domains that might contribute to pass on its conclusions wherever it can be useful.  These will include EU Member States Ministry of Health/ National Focal point and Competent Authority, CBB, national bodies in charge of CBB/ ART centre inspections, relevant scientific societies, and public.

Each partner responsible for national dissemination through participation to national / international congresses and/or meetings, posters, details about ARTHIQS on their own website, identification of stakeholders in the country, and will report to the WP2 leader. The WP2 leader will also ensure that all relevant information will be made available through the website and will therefore proceed with regular updates. On the top of ARTHIQS website, Communication and Dissemination will also be supported by a Layman brochure and at least two newsletters.

As most of the immediate outcome will be guidelines, special attention will be brought to have these published, in the name of the consortium, in international medical journals that shall also contribute to guarantee sustainability.

WP2 will end 4 months after the two technical work packages dealing with ART and HSCT, in order to ensure complete dissemination of the results.



Maryna Křenková, State Institute for Drug Control, Prague, Czech Republic.
Leader of the Dissemination section



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