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WP3: Evaluation

Since this Joint Action is merging two different fields, evaluation of ART and HSC sections, documents and tools to be generated must be done separately and will accordingly mobilize different experts who will act as medical/scientific counsellors to WP 3 leader especially for deliverables. 

The overall progress evaluation of the project by the WP3 leader will be continuous through project meetings attendance, 6 months periods short WP4 and WP5 accomplishments reports (compared to  WP working plan) and clarification for deviations, feedback from the different evaluation experts mobilized and from WP4 and  WP5 results and deliverables. Actually, the interim Evaluation report will include achievement assessments and quality evaluation reviews.

 One additional key element for an independent evaluation of ARTHIQS is the participation of an independent External Advisory Board (EAB), who will be designated by the Coordination. The EAB will participate to 2 meetings, review WP4 and WP5 deliverables, and contribute to the improvement of ARTHIQS outcomes through comments, suggestions and recommendations.

Evaluation of project outputs and outcomes will be, as ever, trickier. One way to get some hindsight on ARTHIQS accomplishment is to have all work finished a while before the official end of the project. This is why it has been designed with WP4 and 5 ending up at M30. WP leader will then send a brief questionnaire to selected stakeholders who received ARTHIQS guidelines: CBB, CBB inspection CA, ART centre, ART inspection Competent Authorities /Ministry of Health to assess if those documents were informative, helpful and used. Results from this brief analysis will be presented during final meeting and WP3 report. Evaluation will notably be performed through surveys and interviews.



Mona Hansson, Health and Social Care Inspectorate, Stockholm, Sweden
Leader of the Evaluation section


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