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WP4: Assisted Reproductive Technologies

This Work Package aims to enhance ART expertise at official level, finally seeking to increase quality and safety of practices throughout the EU. DG-SANCO will plainly benefit of a network of trained ART-dedicated Competent Authority and identified referent in each Member State.

Drawing from the analysis of literature, a survey will be set up, aiming to have the most complete view of EU situation and to assess the needs of Member States Competent Authority. This survey will be sent to all identified persons at governmental level (from DG-SANCO and from the Eurocet list).

Results of this survey mapping ART Competent Authority settings and needs will be discussed during the following WP4 meeting.

At midterm of the work, one ESHRE representative will be most welcome to attend the interim meeting to give professionals insights and needs regarding ART institutional framework.

During next meetings, discussions between partners will lead to the main WP4 deliverable: a guideline document addressing issues that could be dealt at the institutional level by CAs: quality and safety management; donor information, selection and consent; information to ART beneficiaries; access to fertility preservation.

Additionally, these guidelines should provide tools to the institutions to address public concerns with some ART sensitive issues. They will specifically target ART public officials.

During these meetings, ART inspection guidance (vade-mecum and curriculum) will also be designed.

A specific training meeting will then be organised to disseminate the guidelines content and proposal for an ART institutional and organisational system at national level. One representative of each of the 28 Member States will be invited to attend, as planned within the ARTHIQS budget. After this workshop, it is expected that a network of at least one representative in each of the 28 Member States will be set.



Françoise Merlet and Efstratios Chatzixiros, Agence de la biomédecine, France.
Leaders of the Assisted Reproductive technologies section



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